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Webcompmath, calculus applets, and WCMgrapher are free, open-source software aimed at supporting the teaching of mathematics.

WCMGrapher is an application built using webcompmath and is designed to enable teachers and others to create graphs of functions for pasting into word processing and presentation programs. It is free and can be downloaded (along with a user's guide) from from the project website. The first chapter of the user's guide, which provides an overview and installation instructions, is also available on line

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Excerpt from WCMGrapher Users Manual.

Calculus Applets were built using webcompmath and can give you some idea of the kinds of applets one can build with these tools. These applets provide interactive access to common graphs used in calculus.

Calculus Applets website

Download Calculus Applets

Calculus Applets online documentation

Webcompmath is a framework of configurable mathematical software components written in the Java language, meant to be used on instructional Web pages. This project takes the original version (called JCM, Java Components for Mathematics) and modify it to use Swing and JavaBeans. You can download the webcompmath library from the project website. You can also download the source code and the Javadoc from the same location. Documentation on using webcompmath, on customizing the configurable applets, and on building basic full custom applets is also available.

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Webcompmath online documentation

Webcompmath online javadoc

Webcompmath enables teachers and others to create Java applets based on graphs of mathematical functions. The graphs can be interactive and dynamic, either allowing the user limited or extensive abilities to change the graph, as specified by the applet's creator. Webcompmath is developed (and most extensively tested with) the Eclipse integrated development environment (see:  Eclipse home page), but can also be used with other 
IDE's, such as NetBeans, or even without an IDE.

You can create applets for a website with no knowledge of Java programming using webcompmath's configurable applets (although using these applets does require some knowledge of HTML). These applets are customized using parameters to the <applet> tag in the web page in which the applet appears.

Creating fully custom applets or applications with webcompmath requires knowledge of the Java programming language, but the applets create with webcompmath require no knowledge of Java by the end user. Webcompmath requires a Java run time environment (version 5 or later) on the end user's system (see 
The following image shows an example applet built using webcompmath. For a functional version of the applet, go to FunctionComposition.


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