Eclipse IDE used

This example shows how to build a simple applet using webcompmath and the Eclipse development environment. The applet is the same as the one shown in the basic applet documentation.

It is assumed that you have downloaded and installed Eclipse, the Visual Editor plugin (and the EMF and GEF plugins that the Visual Editor requires) and the Java run time environment (version 5 or later). You also need the webcompmath.jar file from the project web page. Once this is all installed, create a new Java project in Eclipse and add the webcompmath.jar as a library.

Step 1 Create a visual JApplet

Select your project in the Package Explorer window, then select New from the File menu. Either select Visual Class from the pop-out menu, or you can select Other and select Visual Class from the resulting dialog. 

On the next dialog box, give your applet a name, like GraphApplet1. Also, make sure that Applet is selected in the Style: box. 

The IDE builds now the file remembering that it should use the visual editor (a plugin for Eclipse!).

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