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DerivTable Applet

DerivTable shows the values of the derivative of a function based on a limited set of values of the function, presented in a table. The derivative values are computed as the rate of change between successive points in the table. The user can specify the function, the starting value, and the deltaX step between table entries.

The applet tag that creates the applet is as follows:

<applet code="net.sourceforge.webcompmath.calculus.DerivTable" codebase="../../assets"
archive="webcompmath.jar,calculus.jar" height="130" width="640">
<param name="Example1" value="1. A Parabola;x^2;0;1" />
<param name="Example2" value="2. Parabola with a wider step size;x^2;0;2" />
<param name="Example3" value="3. A line;2*x-1;0;1" />
<param name="Example4" value="4. A horizontal line;2;0;1" />
<param name="Example5" value="5. An exponential;3^x;0;1" />
<param name="Example6" value="6. A hyperbola;1/x;1;1" />
<param name="Example7" value="7. A sine curve;sin(x);0;1" />
<param name="UseLoadButton" value="no" />

This applet takes the following parameters:

Param Name Type Default Description
Example1, ... String N/A Each example is a list of strings separated by semicolons. The strings, in order, are:
1. The name of the example, displayed in the example menu.
2. The expression for the function f(x).
3. The initial value for x.
4. The x step size.

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