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PolarArea Applet

PolarArea illustrates the area under a polar curve. It graphs r = f(th), where "th" is used instead of theta to make typing easier. It provides controls for the lower and upper limits of the area and shows a representative sector slice, which can be moved by the user.

The applet tag that creates the applet is as follows:

<applet code="net.sourceforge.webcompmath.calculus.PolarArea" codebase="../../assets"
archive="webcompmath.jar,calculus.jar" height="400" width="410">
<param name="UseLoadButton" value="no" />
<param name="Example1" value="1. Circle;1;1;0;2pi;-1.5,1.5,-1.5,1.5" />
<param name="Example2" value="2. Spiral;th;1;0;2pi;-7,7,-7,7" />
<param name="Example3" value="3. Rose;3sin(2th);1;0;2pi;-4,4,-4,4" />

This applet takes the following parameters:

Param Name Type Default Description
Example1, ... String N/A Each example is a list of strings separated by semicolons. The strings, in order, are:
1. The name of the example, displayed in the example menu.
2. The expression for r(th), the polar equation. Note that the independent variable to use is "th".
3. The value for th, which controls the position of the representative sector slice.
4. The value for a, the lower limit, in radians.
5. The value for b, the upper limit, in radians.
6. The xmin, xmax, ymin, and ymax for the graph, as a comma-separated list of numbers.

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