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Seq Applet

Seq illustrates the concept of a sequence of numbes. It plots discrete points of a sequence and computes the partial sum of the graphed points.

The applet tag that creates the applet is as follows:

<applet code="net.sourceforge.webcompmath.calculus.Seq" codebase="../../assets"
archive="webcompmath.jar,calculus.jar" height="400" width="500">
<param name="UseLoadButton" value="no" />
<param name="Example1" value="1. Arithmetic Sequence;2+3(n-1);10;0,10,0,30" />
<param name="Example2" value="2. Geometric Sequence;2^n;10;-1,11,-11,1100" />
<param name="Example3" value="3. Another Geometric Sequence;(1/2)^n;10;0,10,-0.1,1" />
<param name="Example4" value="4. Alternating Geometric Sequence;(-1/2)^n;10;0,10,-0.6,0.6" />

This applet takes the following parameters:

Param Name Type Default Description
Example1, ... String N/A Each example is a list of strings separated by semicolons. The strings, in order, are:
1. The name of the example, displayed in the example menu.
2. The expression for s(n), the definition of a sequence term.
3. The value for max n, the number of points to plot.
4. The xmin, xmax, ymin, and ymax for the graph, as a comma-separated list of numbers.

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