Package net.sourceforge.webcompmath.draw.beans

Class Summary
WCMAxesBean This class is for use with GUI builders.
WCMAxisTickBean This class provides a convenient way to create a labeled tick mark for one of the axes.
WCMCrossHairBean This bean extends the CrossHair class (which extends DrawGeometric) by adding a convenience setter.
WCMDisplayCanvasBean This class extends DisplayCanvas and is primarily for use with GUI builders.
WCMDrawGeometricBean This bean extends DrawGeometric.
WCMDrawStringBean This class extends DrawString by providing set methods for up to 4 values to be used in a DrawString.
WCMGraph1DBean This class is for use with GUI builders.
WCMGridBean This class extends the Grid class.
WCMIntegralCurveBean An intergral curve draws a solution to a set of differential equations.
WCMLimitControlPanelBean This class is intended for use with GUI builders.
WCMMouseVariableBean This class is a convenience class used when creating applications via a GUI builder.
WCMPannerBean JavaBean for Panner.
WCMPolarCurveBean This convenience class enables you to plot polar curves.
WCMScatterPlotBean This bean graphs the points in a WCMDataTableInputBean.
WCMTangentLineBean This bean draws a tangent line to a function.