Step 2 Add a WCMPanelBean

Once you have created the applet object, you now need to add components to it. In the Eclipse Visual Editor you will use the Choose Bean option on the Palette to select WCM components. The first component to add is a WCMPanelBean, which will house all of the rest of the applet's components. When creating an applet using WCM components, this is usually the first component that you will add. To begin, click on the Choose Bean option on the Palette.

choose bean

This will bring up a dialog box box. In the space at the top, type in "wcmpa", which will display a list of all components that start with these letters. Click on WCMPanelBean, then click OK.

choose bean dialog box

Move the cursor over the gray rectangle that represents the applet, until you see "Center" appear, then click to drop the WCMPanelBean onto the center of the applet. There is also a North, South, East, and West position (we'll use those in a moment). 

drop panel bean

Another dialog box will pop up that let's you give the component a name. For now, just click OK to accept the default name.

panel bean name

Congradulations! You've just added your first component to the applet. Adding other components follows this same set of steps:
  1. Click on Choose Bean on the Palette
  2. Type the first couple of characters of the type of component, then select the one you want from the list and click OK.
  3. Click on the location on the applet where you want the component to appear (Center, North, South, East, West). 
  4. Give your component a name, or accept the suggested name.
If you click on the Java Beans tab in Eclipse, you will see a list of the components you've added so far.

java beans tab

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