Package net.sourceforge.webcompmath.applets

Class Summary
AnimatedGraph An applet belonging to the class AnimatedGraph displays a graph of a function that can depend on a parameter.
AppletUtilities This class includes various utility methods used by WCM applets.
Continuity This applet extends the SimpleGraph configurable applet.
Derivatives The Derivatives applet shows the graphs of a function and of its first derivative.
EpsilonDelta An applet for exploring the epsilon-delta definition of a limit.
Evaluator An Evaluator applet lets the user enter the values of one or more variables, and it displayes the values of one or more expressions that can involve those variables.
FamiliesOfGraphs An applet belonging to the class FamiliesOfGraphs displays a graph of a function that can depend on one or more parameters.
FunctionCombination A Function combination applet displays the graphs of three functions, f(x) and g(x), and their combination, h(x).
FunctionComposition A Function composation applet displays the graphs of two functions, f(x) and g(x), and their coposition, g(f(x)).
GenericGraphApplet GenericGraphApplet serves as a base class for applets that have a DisplayCanvas in the CENTER of a BorderLayout and that are configurable by a large number of applet parameters.
IntegralCurves This applet displays a vector field (f1(x,y),f2(x,y)) and integral curves for that vector field (although the integral curve feature can be turned off with an applet param).
LaunchButtonApplet Button applet for launching other applets.
MultiGraph The MultiApplet can display the graphs of several functions, in different colors.
Parametric This applet draws a parametric curve (x(t),y(t)), for t in a specified range of values.
RiemannSums The RiemannSums applet computes a Riemann sum for a given function and displays the sum and the rectangles that define the sum.
ScatterPlotApplet A ScatterPlotApplet shows a scatter plot of data from a DataTableInput.
SecantTangent The SecantTangent applet is a rather special purpose applet that is supposed to show secant lines converging on a tangent line.
SimpleGraph SimpleGraph is a configureable applet that shows the graph of a function and, optionally, marks a point on the graph.