Package net.sourceforge.webcompmath.awt

Interface Summary
Computable A Computable is an object that performs some sort of computation or action when its compute() method is called.
ErrorReporter To allow different styles of reporting errors, a Controller uses an ErrorReporter to report any errors that are thrown during its checkInput/compute cycle.
InputObject An InputObject represents some sort of value that can be changed by, for example, user interaction with a GUI element.
Limits The Limits interface is implemented by and by other objects that can be "Tied" to a CoordinateRect, such as LimitControlPanel.
Tieable A Tieable object has an associated serial number.

Class Summary
Animator An Animator can change a value continuously, without user intervention, by running a separate Thread.
ComputeButton A compute button is a button that can have an associated Controller.
Controller Controllers are the focus of all the action in the JCM system.
CopyButton This button copies the contents of its assigned DisplayCanvas to the system clipboard.
DataTableInput A DataTableInput lets the user input a grid of real numbers arranged in rows and columns.
DisplayLabel A DisplayLabel is a label that can display numbers embedded in strings.
ExpressionInput An ExpressionInput is an input box that allows the user input a mathematical expression.
MessagePopup The class MessagePopup represents a Window that pops up to display an error message.
Tie A Tie associates several Tieable objects.
VariableInput A VariableInput is an input box into which the user can type a real number value, which becomes the value of an associated Variable.
VariableJSlider A VariableJSlider is a slider (implemented as a JSlider) whose position represents the value of an associated variable.
VariableSlider A VariableSlider is a slider (implemented as a JScrollbar) whose position represents the value of an associated variable.
WcmPanel A WcmPanel is a JPanel with an associated Controller.

Exception Summary
WcmError JCMErrors can be generated by objects belonging to various classes in edu.hws.jcm.awt and edu.hws.jcm.draw.