Package net.sourceforge.webcompmath.awt.beans

Class Summary
WCMComputeButtonBean This bean is for use with the Eclipse Visual Editor.
WCMDataTableInputBean This class extends DataTableInput to make it easier to use in GUI builder environments.
WCMDisplayLabelBean JavaBean version of DisplayLabel.
WCMExamplesBean This bean provides a flexible means to create a drop-down list of examples.
WCMExpressionInputBean This class is primarily for use with GUI builders like Eclipse VE.
WCMFunctionLabelBean This class provides a way to display a text description of a function.
WCMPanelBean This class is intended for use with GUI builders, such as the Eclipse Visual Editor (VE).
WCMTieBean This bean extends Tie to make it useable with GUI builders.
WCMVariableInputBean JavaBean for VariableInput.
WCMVariableJSliderBean This bean extends VariableJSlider by adding a convenience property.