Package net.sourceforge.webcompmath.functions

Class Summary
DerivParser The DerivParser class makes it possible to use symbolic derivatives such as Deriv(x,0,x^2) in a Parser.
ExpressionFunction An ExpressionFunction is a Function that is created from an expression and a list of variables that serve as the parameter(s) of the function.
FunctionParserExtension An object belonging to a concrete subclass of FunctionParserExtesion is a mathematical function that can be registered with a Parser and then used in strings that are parsed by that parser.
NumDerivParser The NumDerivParser class makes it possible to use numerical derivatives such as numDeriv(x,0,x^2) in a Parser.
NumIntParser The NumIntParser class makes it possible to use numerical definite integrals, such as numInt(xx,0,5,xx^2) in a Parser.
NumMinMaxParser The NumMinMaxParser class makes it possible to use numerical minimums and maximums, such as numMin(xx,0,5,xx^2) in a Parser.
SummationParser The SummationParser class makes it possible to use summations such as sum(i,1,5,x^i) in a Parser.
TableFunction A TableFunction is a function that is specified by a table of (x,y)-points.
TableFunctionGraph A TableFunctionGraph is a Drawable object that can be added to a CoordinateRect (or DisplayCanvas).
TableFunctionInput A TableInputFunction is a Panel that can be used to define a TableFunction or to edit an existing TableFunction.
WrapperFunction A WrapperFunction contains another function and delegates to it all calls to methods from the Function interface, except for calls to setName() and getName().
ZeroFinder Description for ZeroFinder
ZeroFinder computes one zero of the continuous function func,
provided that the two starting values x1 and x2 satisfy:
func( x1 ) * func( x2 ) <= 0 .

Enum Summary
NumMinMaxParser.MinMaxType The type of parser to create